Leadership Team Coaching

Foster a High-Performing Executive Team

At Syntrina Leadership, we believe in the power of a First Team First culture. We help your team foster relationships, trust, and a sense of belonging, transforming a group of professionals into a cohesive unit committed to achieving spectacular results together. Our team sessions are custom designed in close partnership with you and your credit union’s key stakeholders to deliver on the key success criteria identified.

  • Team sessions will be designed to deliver on the 2-3 key success criteria for SLT development the CEO identifies and communicates.
  • All work will be done in close partnership with the CEO.
  • In advance of team sessions, a one-hour initial design review and discussion, as well as one-hour final design walk-through with the CEO will occur to ensure alignment of the design/deliverables to achieve the success criteria sought.
  • At a high level, the first team sessions focus on members sharing and connecting to strengthen relationships, communication and coaching skills within the SLT.
  • Subsequent team sessions are designed iteratively to build upon work done to date, with a focus on advancing common areas of development (self-awareness, leadership, communication and coaching skills, trust, decision making, leading change, system awareness), both individually and as a first team leading the credit union.

This program is designed to create your best senior leadership team that fosters a culture where members identify and act as one, quickly turning towards each other for support, decisions, and assistance. These teams are successful because members have taken the time to work on themselves individually, knowing that what they do and how they do it matters. Successful teams have members with the self-awareness and communication skills to foster relationships, candor, trust, and a sense of belonging. Belonging turns a group of professionals into a team: people who know and care about each other, are committed to each other and are passionate about achieving something spectacular together.

Our master coaches have over 25 years experience with high level senior executives. Master coaches have formally studied leadership growth, development, and success both from a business standpoint as well as a human standpoint. Their education runs deep, their real world experience is vast, and their attention to the detail of you is at the highest level. Working with a master coach is a privilege of the most self aware leaders wanting to work on themselves to better their lives.

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