Credit Union Executive Leadership Coaching

Welcome to Syntrina Leadership, your trusted executive coaching and leadership development partner.

We are a boutique firm specializing in advancing senior-level leaders and the effectiveness of their teams within the credit union industry. Our seasoned executive coaches, program designers, facilitators, authors, and thought leaders are dedicated to providing a transformative human experience that enhances self-awareness, communication skills, leadership impact, and business results.


One-on-One Coaching

A confidential, personalized coaching program with a master coach designed for senior executives. Embark on this transformative journey designed to advance your leadership mission.

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Leadership Team Coaching

Take your executive team to the next level with a specially designed program customized for your group. We help your team foster relationships, trust, and a sense of belonging, transforming a group of professionals into a cohesive unit committed to achieving spectacular results together.

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Keynote Speaking

Inspire your audience with powerful, actionable insights. Our keynote speakers are experts in various aspects of leadership and work closely with you to deliver a message that resonates and achieves your key success criteria.

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